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Scope of Work




What was the client’s brief?

I was asked to create a logo for an existing business.

How I did it.

I listened carefully to the client’s requirements, taking the time to fully understand why they requested only a logo. I realized that the client could benefit from brand strategy and an identity system. Asking the right questions helped streamline the process and avoid any surprises or disappointments along the way.

I designed an identity system which included a scalable logo that works and scales on various mediums. A pattern and message was also included to support the brand.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Jason and his work. He exceeded everything that I could imagine regarding what I needed (or thought I needed). I was referred to Jason by a mutual friend, and I initially intended to get a simple logo design; however, in discussion with Jason, I realized that, looking at my business from a higher perspective, I needed much more. We scheduled time to discuss my core business, my background and story, and many other facets that I thought were never even factored into a design. But Jason took the time to understand my service and how I wanted to portray my business to the world. I was blown away by his thoughtfulness and attention to detail. He asked poignant questions, discussed alternatives and business ideas, and weighed costs and benefits of different options. This took several weeks and satellite meetings (I’m in Hawaii whilst Jason in Washington) to work through, but it was well worth the time b/c the finished product just blew me away. Jason showed me his thought process and design iterations for my business logo, and how he ended up with several design choices for my business. When he presented the designs, it was clear which one I absolutely loved. How could I ever come up with something that beautiful and powerful? I couldn’t. And, I am certain that no one else or no other service would match Jason’s pedigree. I can’t speak more highly about Jason and his service; I am a true believer. It was such an absolute pleasure to work with Jason. Thank you, buddy. Aloha and see you soon!
Manaia Alalamua


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