MRC Roofing Hawaii

MRC Roofing Hawaii was eager to give its website a makeover that truly showcased the incredible growth they've experienced. They wanted to create a welcoming online space that would not only attract new leads but also invite them to be part of their exciting journey.

MRC Roofing Hawaii

Scope of Work

Web Design

Print Design  



Video / Drone

I looked into what went wrong in the past for them and came up with a solution that would not only fix their website, but also drive traffic. I managed to get MRC's web page to the top of Google searches without paid advertising. I designed and developed the website using HTML, CSS. I curated the content from the old website and adapted key information from their marketing materials.

To further help drive traffic to their website, I set up a new YouTube page compiling their older videos with the new drone videos Ruston Design shot.

While earning MRC's trust and confidence in my work, I continued to offer exceptional service by maintaining the website and offering further ways to gain potential leads. I did this by setting up a Facebook advertising campaign using a referral program.

The project gained visibility and was selected by Design Rush, known for promoting the Best Website designs, to be featured among The Roofing Company Website Designs.

MRC Roofing Hawaii
MRC Roofing HawaiiMRC Roofing HawaiiMRC Roofing HawaiiMRC Roofing HawaiiMRC Roofing HawaiiMRC Roofing HawaiiMRC Roofing Hawaii
MRC Roofing Hawaii


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