ChemPoint STAX

STAX (Document Management System) delivers a global point of truth for supplier-published product documents. STAX uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This technology reads, recognizes, and captures data directly from documents automatically.

This is game-changing efficiency and process optimization for ChemPoint. First, the focus is on SDS, TDS, and COA document types as they apply to every product we sell and are foundational to day-to-day business for every industry we serve. This will expand into many other product document types which will be migrated into STAX over time, prioritized by demand.

ChemPoint STAX

Scope of Work

Product Design for STAX

Onboard new designers and provide support

Provide clear Direction of the Design System

Design Asset Management

  • Hired a senior designer to join the STAX team
  • Supported the designer through the UX/UI steps
  • Provided a clear design system for designers and developers
  • Stepped in for phase 2 of the project as lead designer
  • Collaborated with key stakeholders, product owner, and the dev team
  • Created user flows, facilitated ideation sessions, and provided wireframes
  • Presented the progression of work to stakeholders and dev team for feedback and approval
  • Used Figma high fidelity design and prototypes
ChemPoint STAX
ChemPoint STAXChemPoint STAXChemPoint STAXChemPoint STAXChemPoint STAXChemPoint STAXChemPoint STAX
ChemPoint STAX


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